Show Scenario - part 2

Posted on April 02, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

    It was day three of our marathon march through the Atlanta gift mart. I wore Brian’s oversize shoes with pride and they were kind to me – not one blister, considering how I got to wearing these glorious shoes. I did have hot feet, though, but I wasn’t going to complain about that.
    The following morning, while Allison was getting ready in the bathroom, her suitcase contents were strewn across the bed, and I couldn’t believe it. Calling my name was a container of foot powder. I read the label, “Unique triple action formula provides maximum relief while absorbing moisture.” Hmm, a couple shakes of powder and I’d have happy feet. I untwisted the lid and squeezed a couple shots into each shoe.
    Shortly Allison finished in the bathroom, and we hustled out the hotel door scurrying to make the 8:00 a.m. appointment. While speedwalking the few blocks to the merchandize mart, suddenly Allison cried out, “Kate, your feet are on fire!”
    Startled, I glanced down. A puff of white smoke shot out the toes of Brian’s shoes. I stopped dead in my tracks; the smoking stopped. I stared at the shoes. My feet were fine, cozy in fact.
    “Oh, it’s the foot powder,” I said.
    Allison gave me a puzzled look. I quickly explained how I used some of her foot powder while she was in the bathroom. We journeyed on. Most of the morning, I billowed intermittent wafts of smoke, but Allison, the fashion-before-comfort queen, stayed at my side. After twenty years of traveling with me, not much surprises her anymore. I bet you have some travel tales, too.

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