A Simple Solution to Static Cling

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments


I walked like a mummy, white, static-clinging, Styrofoam packing peanuts stuck all over me. It was the third day in a row for our mummy look, struggling to gain control over thousands of sticky white pellets that have been invading us since UPS delivered a shipment of thirty-plus boxes of new merchandise for the gallery.
     Lisa, our picture frame manager, poked her head out of the framing department to check on the commotion of her three covered-in-peanuts team members. Entertained by what she saw, Lisa’s lips curled into a big grin. “Having trouble?” she asked, barely able to choke out the words between huffs of laughter.
     I tried to shoo her away, but the packing peanuts persistently followed my every move.
    Lisa ducked out of sight, returning to blast us with a spray bottle full of water. It soaked our faces, hair, and clothes. We squawked like crazed chickens being attacked by a fox, frantically flapping our arms at the jets of water. I took a direct hit in my gaping mouth and began choking on the spurt of water. While I was coughing to catch my breath, Lisa stopped spraying and we watched as the sticky packing all started dropping to the floor.
    “I was trying to help,” Lisa explained about her attack. “Water takes away the static-cling.”
    Sometimes life hands you a simplest solution. Do you know a few “tried-and-true” remedies?

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