Kooky for Cake and Coloring Books

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

The gallery was filled with toots of noise makers and whoops of laughter as we celebrated 22 years. It was gaiety at its best! Then I met Tippy. The loveable hound lumbered into the shop and headed straight to the hub of joyful guests. With a frisky yap he drew everyone’s attention.

“He’s begging for a party hat,” the owner, Joyce, a regular customer, said. 

In unison the crowds' mouths dropped open. “The dog will wear a party hat?” I asked uncertain that I’d heard correctly.

“You bet! Tippy always wants to join in!” Joyce added.

I picked up a hat from the punch table and crouched near Tippy. He scurried up next to me, his tail wagging wildly. I slipped the hat on the pup, and in return he gave me a big slurpy kiss on the cheek. 

“Cake is his favorite, too,” Joyce said.

Sure enough, I set a piece on the floor and seconds later Tippy had his cake plate spinning in circles, licking it clean. He ruffed again and I swear he yapped Happy Anniversary! Tippy truly is a work of art!

Whereas, our shop's treasured picture framer, Lisa Lancaster, is also a gifted artist. She painted Tippy, the "party" animal, along with other whimsical pet portraits.


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