Fabric Framing Option - A PAINTING TIP

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Yesterday I painted on charming stock of deckle-edged paper. Today I needed to think of a presentation for these pint-size florals. Traditionally, we frame a lot of my watercolors with a neutral mat and a gorgeous frame. But these petite pieces with their delicate edge needed more.

The phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. Next, customers had me going here and there. Soon, the day was over and I was off to pick Mom up from the senior center.

Right off the bat, instead of a greeting, she reminded me, “You promised to stop for hem facing to fix my new pants.”

I groaned a bit to myself, but Mom was right. I had promised. She’s been living with my husband and me for two months and wearing a limited wardrobe. Her move from Florida didn’t include much in the way of comforting, cozy clothes. Luckily, before leaving Fort Meyers in November, a friend from the north brought her two pairs of wool-blend slacks. Mom’s been a trouper, too, switching between the gray or brown pants each day.

Getting Moynihan’s through our busy Christmas season, and then a buying trip to Atlanta, followed by our January inventory and then our “Hot Lips Pink” store-painting fiasco …well … there hasn’t been much time to take Mom clothes shopping. She did find a pair of heavy corduroy pants, in navy, and I needed to get them hemmed ASAP.

I slid the car into the fabric store parking lot and we pulled up our coat collars against the blowing snow. Not the best day for Mom to scuff across the February ice-rink of a parking lot, but she was determined. “I knew it was a good day to wear my boots,” she said grasping onto my arm for support.

She marched along in her lace-up, camouflaged hiking boots with their inch-thick rubber soles. They were Mom’s great Florida purchase in the men’s department of a sporting-goods store before facing the Northern winter elements when she de-planed.

I tugged the heavy metal door and a whoosh of warm air sucked us into the fabric store. Instantly we were surrounded by row after row of colorful prints. Stripes, polka dots, zig-zag … oh my! Suddenly, I thought of the mini paintings. Who needed neutral mats?



Inspiration can hit you at the most unusual time or place. Look around … I hope inspiration will catch your eye, too!

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