Warm and Cool Colors=Contrast

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

The bold, fresh look of the new “Hot Lips Pink” paint choice shimmered like neon on the walls.  Even tinting it a shade darker, to “Gypsy Rose,” proved too glaring.  So, swallowing every ounce of pride, I admitted I was wrong and we repainted the accent wall a safe, soft shade of "Spring Meadow Green."

I may have been wrong that day, but today I got it right! Using one of my previously painted landscape canvases as inspiration I played with color once more.  I simply switched some prominent harmonious colors in the landscape.

For warmth:  A Glowing Sunset, on the left, is filled with warm hues of yellow, orange and brown.

For coolness: Evening Shadows, on right, I focused on cool tones of blues and green. 

It’s exciting to feel the different moods of each scene. Learn more about the psychology of color.


Balance color contrast: Omitting golden yellows from a palette can be tricky.  Notice the subtle mix of yellow-greens and itty-bitty touches of red-orange in the primarily blue Evening Shadows.  Often a strictly blue color palette will leave you feeling chilled, like the bite of today’s crisp air that creeps through your skin and seeps deep into your bones. Just a hint of warm colors can thaw that arctic feeling. 

This balance of color selection can work in home décor, too. Notice how the warm hue of the cherry wood night stand softens the cool, crisp tints of blue. 

Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Go ahead and try it once, (my "Hot Lips Pink" paint), try it twice (the "Gypsy Rose") ... sometimes three times is the charm!  That's the "Spring Meadow Green" you now see around the store. 10 Tips for Picking Wall Paint.

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