10 Tips For Picking Wall Paint

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

10 tips for picking paint are listed below, as usual, though, there is a story attached to this wisdom. It goes like this: 

With the blanket of gray days in February, painting a pop of color seemed like a great idea. Electric colors of orange and cobalt sang on the shelf. Most of all the citrus green seem to say: pick me. I hustled off the paint store with spatula in hand for a color match. Two gallons later, I was ready to roll paint and chase away the winter blues.

A short time later, with the paint in place, I took a step back. My breath caught high in my chest. The green glowed brighter than reflective running gear. Determined a bit of darker pigment would tone down the color, I headed back to the paint store.

After more than an hour of multiple squirts of color additions, mostly black, the very patient, gray-haired man at the paint store suggested through a forced smile that, “I can sell you a new can of paint for half-price.It would be faster to just start all over.”  

And so I left the store, with a fresh QUART of Fairy Tail Blue and and QUART Spring Green. Two accents walls now grace the living room instead of an entire room of glowing chartreuse green.



I10 Tips for Picking Wall Color

  1. Start small.
  2. Think of your mood.
  3. Pay attention to lighting
  4. Learn the color terms
  5. Test your color choice
  6. Add depth with decorative finishes and accessories
  7. Walk into another room
  8. Follow the color wheel
  9. Play up monochromatic color scheme
  10. Choose different paint finishes






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