2 Kind Thoughts to Share with Someone Special

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
  1. Be happy - live a good life, work hard yet balance family and friends.
  2. Be loved - reach out to kindred and positive people. They will bring you joy.

Matt Mikalatos offered these words as he innocently wrote an open letter of support to a stranger. Being a dad, he felt compelled to write as if he were talking to his own daughters. This one small act of kindness equaled worldly healing.

Here is his story: Almost absentmindedly, Matt stopped to pick up what he thought was a piece of trash only to discover what had fallen onto his driveway was a Sky Lantern . A personal scrawl was written on it: To Dad, Miss you so much, love, Steph.

Sky Lantern
          The note touched his heart and he wrote a letter, not to just Steph, but to his daughters, too, telling them about a father’s unconditional love. Overnight Matt’s words brought healing power to thousands across the internet.
          For me, Matt’s writing brought fond memories of my dad, inspiring me to paint this picture. The hidden sunflower is a small act of kindness that I know my dad would have loved. By reaching out to my Dad, I feel loved. A small act of kindness can do that. Perhaps you'll try it.
  • I challenge you.
  • Do one small act of kindness today.
  • Doesn't it feel grand?
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