Return on Relationship - ROR with Mom

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

For you, is it Mom's way or no way?

"You shouldn't be doing that," mom says with a bit of testiness in her voice. She'll turn eighty-nine next week and is stilling telling me what to do, just like in my younger years. However, being the second child of two and inheriting Mom's French stubbornness, I'm sure I deserved every lecture.

In addition to passing down her tenacious spirit, I inherited Mom's home-maker crafty gene of sewing, but in a different sort of way. Mom's specialty was making look-alike dresses for my cousin and me. Following Mom's suggestion, in high school, I sewed aprons as a part time job, diligently trying to crank out the same pattern again and again. Looking back, I realize I wasn't much for rote work, instead I inherited more than crafting.as I ended up in the world of art.

I did, however, get Mom's lopsided sided-cake baking talent!
                  First photo: I'm on the left, Mom is in the middle, cousin, Suzie, is on the right.
Second photo: look-alike dresses - handmade by Mom.
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have fond memories, too.
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