The 1-Minute Trick To Moving Heavy Furniture

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
If you have the right tool, it makes any job easier,"
my husband says. Needless to say his tool “box” is a tool “room.”
Me, not so much. I have ten things in my tool box, which is another story.
But I do have to admit he fixes a lot more projects than I do. So … when a friend offered me her favorite tool, I simply shrugged it off. Until I used them: Meet the furniture discs: "sliders"
These 6” rascals are plastic discs with a bit of foam. By placing them under heavy furniture, instantly you can push it around … all by yourself! Here at the shop, we rearrange frequently needing to move large and unwieldy pieces. And these discs really let the monstrosities slide with ease.
I admit the right tool really does make the job easier. What is your favorite tool?
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