How To Have A Positive Attitude - The 21 Day Challenge

Posted on May 02, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Complications, interruptions … you name it, you’ve probably had these challenges that play havoc with your day.

"Call them "opportunities,"

said,my son, Brian, who works in the corporate world.
So I tried. But mishaps still made me testy. With each hurdle I jumped, my positive outlook for the day seemed to sprint away faster and faster.

 "Try this: for 21 days write down 3 new things you’re grateful."

Brian coached me a bit more, “Mom, by doing this, it’ll train your brain to naturally shift toward a positive orientation. Your brain will become more adaptive, nimble, and flexible in perceiving a positive attitude.” 

Obediently, I wrote down my three thanks. The next day, I wrote again. Then the paper scarp got wedged in between a pile of paperwork and my efforts to create a new habit got hidden, too.

Yesterday, the wrinkled and forlorn paper with six short words of gratefulness surfaced, only to catch me grumbling about something else. I know grouchiness is contagious.  When I gripe,it tugs not at only my spirit, but others’ goodwill. 

Unfortunately, I had slipped back into old habits, and I didn’t like the crabby me. It was time to take action.                            I tried again:

  • I re-read Dale Carnegie, Chapter one: Don’t complain, criticize, or condemn.
  • I type up Brian’s 21-day formula for positive orientation on a large 8 ½ by 11 paper.
  • I wrote down my three grateful items.
  • I posted it in plain sight.
And, I am ashamed to admit, when the first “opportunity” arose, I found myself … grumbling!
Quickly, I wrote down three more new grateful items right away, not waiting for the next day. Not an hour later, I snipped at something. Three more "thanks" were added to my list.

The day ended and I had eighteen items on my gratitude list.
I’m determined to make this work.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Want to join me? I may need a tip or two from you along the way.  

Update: After 21 days, I must admit, this is a clever trick. I am feeling more positive, but that gratitude list will always be at my side. I hope you have as many reasons to be thankful. Sometimes it is a small act of kindness that can overpower that overwhelming feeling.                                                

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