6 Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Posted on April 21, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 1 comment
1. Don't you love the impact of one little flower? Not just its' beauty, but when you poke your nose down deep ... ah, the fresh sweet scent can trigger fond memories ... a sunny day in spring ... your wedding bouquet ...

2. Did you know the flowers bold  colors can energize you?                                                                

3. Or, to calm you, select colors near each other on the color wheel (red-orange-yellow).
4. Curvy shapes have been shown to cause relaxation.

5. Flowers can instantly create a fresh, new look. For example turn a common pitcher into a vase! 


 6. Let flowers put a smile on your face by displaying them in something unexpected and whimsical! Isn't it grand when spring sprouts these beautiful flowers right in front of us? Enjoy!        
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  • Kate Moynihan

    I’m delighted you laughed, (hee-hee) when you read the post “Do You Have A Phobia.” I think we can all get distracted, which brings me to why I’m writing you … another distraction:Your e-mail to moynihangallery@gmail somehow was buried in the mass messages that Allison picks up on that account so I am tardy to reply. So sorry.

    I love hearing that a smile lit up your face when reading the phobia concept, and I appreciate your interest in this post about tulips. My favorite is the rabbit. How can you not love a bit of playfullness?

    To reach me, I pick up “comments” on this blog the quickest, even the NY e-mail address I check once a month.


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