5 Tips to Arranging Floating Shelves - A DECORATING TIP

Posted on April 07, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

There are many styles of floating wall shelves to choose from. The tricky part is where to place the shelf on the wall. To help you decide, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you trying to add height to a focal-point-area in your room? If yes, go high! The shelves and accessories are meant to add punch and drama, embellishing your focal point.
  2. Are you trying to fill an empty wall, but want to enhance the coziness of your conversation area? (A conversation area is the arrangement of furniture nestled together so you can sit and easily converse with others. This commonly involves couches and/or chairs facing each other.) If you are extending the conversation area, anchor your floating shelf lower so it is eye level while sitting. With your accessories, add moderate height that way when you enter the room the shelf appears to be an extension of the tallest piece of your conversational furniture.
  3. Is your shelf more for function and storage? If yes, and it’s for a kid’s room make sure the shelf is hung so they can easily reach it. Whereas, if you’re controlling clutter in your 6’3” husband’s office, remember how easily his long arms reach … utilize that height!
  4. Do you have a narrow hallway that is not roomy enough for a piece of furniture? Add a floating shelf and accessorize it with bowls to catch the clutter.
  5. Remember the calming effects of horizontal? If you want a clean and streamline look, select one long shelf. Whereas, the power of multiple shelves will create intensity from the vertical thrust.                                                                                                 Basically, consider the end result you want from your shelves and your treasured keepsakes and accessories. Then, power-up the electric drill or hammer and enjoy! If your shelf is a bit too high or low ... that's okay. Try switching up the placement of your accessories. What you once favored on the coffee table you may want to trade for something you had originally planned for the floating shelf. There is more than one way to cherish your decor!
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