Do You Have A Phobia?

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Sometimes I wonder if I’m normal.

I suffer from distraction-phobia.  Well, maybe this is not a real phobia since my palms don’t get sweaty and my breath doesn’t catch in short frantic puffs. But I do have an inability to stay focused on a task at hand. My mind scurries in twenty different directions and quickly I have a heap of unfinished projects. Does this happen to you?

A daily to-do list, wedged under a clip board is helpful. I find using the clipboard makes it less likely for me to misplace the to-do list. I also discovered scrawling a reminder with a thick black marker and pinning the note to my coat or refrigerator keeps me focused.

Yet, I can still get distracted and forget things. Just this morning I whizzed by the building I was supposed to stop at to pay my rent … and the check was sitting on the car seat next to me!

Frustrated, I turned around, paid my rent, and hustled to work. In the parking lot, Allison, our buyer at the shop, pulled in just after me. I waited and asked: “What tricks do you use to stay organized?”

As she wrestled out of the car, Allison dragged out three oversize totes. “Well, I don’t know about having a system,” she responded. “Because I didn’t have time to sort what I needed to bring to work so I just grabbed every bag,” she said.

Hmm … I thought. Maybe I need another mentor.
What tricks do you use to stay organized?

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