After 25 years - Farewell Piece to Moynihan Gallery

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The blank canvas of this bench was the perfect last-piece-to paint when I chose to retire from my retail art gallery in downtown Holland.

Over the years, the craggy birch tree has become my beacon. The beauty of this tree is the imperfections in its raw rough bark. At times, during my artistic journey, I felt as exposed only to realize that if I embraced my short-comings I could stand tall like the birch.

As I turn the key to lock the gallery for the very last time, the click reminds me how happy I am. Memories of wonderful customers, team members and events flood my mind. Better yet, is what lies ahead.

My memoir, A Lone Birch, has allowed me to share some of the lessons I've learned along this journey. I find speaking to groups thrilling, and perhaps, I can  inspire others as I branch out beyond my days at Moynihan Gallery.

My stories will continue on Kate Moynihan Facebook ...  I hope to see you there!

A new web site will launch soon: www.katemoynihanartist.com

or contact me at:


cell: 616-510-0151




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Benefits of One-Color Decorating

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Are you unsure of what colors work well together?
Take the guess work out and use one color!
Instantly you'll create harmony and simplicity that is restful for your eyes and relaxing for your peace of mind. Artist, Lisa Lancaster creates an intriguing composition using the contrast of lights and darks ... all with one color!
A key factor to remember when decorating with one color is to jazz things up with texture mixing shapes and surfaces.
A monochromatic color scheme eliminates the struggle of color juggling.Instead of worrying about too many choices, stay focused on your favorite color.

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Surrender Perfection

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When you were a kid do you remember that scowl across the elementary school portrait photographer's face? It wasn't until years later when I became a parent that I understood why the photographer's face was permanently wrinkled in worry. My brow furrowed, too, when I tried to snap a perfect portrait of my sons. This is what I got:

Wanting to give my traditional parents a proper drawing of their grandchildren, I alternated my sons' shenanigans and drew them a bit more straightforward.

Fast forward thirty years, and once again, as I tried my best to capture the charming smiles of my own grand kids, I felt, once again, like that school portrait photographer who begged for the perfect pose, saying: "Just one, more, ... just one, more."

Instead of catching a perfect picture,I laughed alongside my grandchildren.

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Take Your Eye Off the Prize

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Do you own a Miracle Mop or Huggable Hangers: the fuzzy velvet wrapped coat hanger that prevents your clothes from slipping off? They were both invented by Joy Mangano. Like many of us, her life has had a few twists and turns which you can read about in her new book, Inventing Joy. It is filled with tips of wisdom. My favorite:

Take Your Eye Off the Prize

Joy says: "The truth is, when we start any endeavor, we don't really know where we're going to end up... Our paths will change, and our finish line will change, too. .. Our main focus should be on the very next step we need to take to keep moving forward." Therefore, she declares: "Take your eye off the prize because it might change!"

Have you ever wanted something, and then, later, you changed your mind? I think Joy Mangano has good advice to conquer the unpredictability of life!



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Simple 60-30-10 Rule for Balance

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Scoop up some success using a three-color palette! Notice how the painting of the ice cream sundae is two-scoops of blue (60%), one scoop of red ( 30%), and then a sprinkle of yellow! (10%)  What makes this art extra special is that it's done by my daughter-in-law, Lindsay Moynihan!

Try the 60-30-10 rule in decorating, too.

Choosing a three-color palette gives a balanced and appealing look by simply following this rule: Decorate 60% of the room with the dominant color (the blue in the photo above).Finish 30% of the room with the secondary color (the sienna warmth of bed, nightstand and chair). Use the third color as an accent in 10% of the space (the yellow accent pillow and lamp.)

The color wheel can help you create three colors that work well together. Click the link above to learn more. 

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Hi, I'm Kate Moynihan. Yes, I am a baby boomer, and my professional life has taken a few interesting twists and turns. The journey began as a registered nurse. After thirteen years of caring for others, however, I got the creative itch. At the time, I was a single mom living in North Dakota; that’s when I caught this bug to paint pictures. Now, twenty-seven years later, I have some stories to tell about my artistic journey. Read more...

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